Overcome Your Fitness Obstacle

What fitness obstacle do you have?  Are one of the following items limiting you from success with your physical fitness?  Most of the clients I have seen over the years struggle with one of the items listed here:
• No Motivation
• No Energy
• Overwhelmed
• Don’t Know What To Do
• Don’t Know Where To Start
• Tried Everything
• Accountability
• Given Up

Hopefully your obstacle to improved fitness, building muscle, burning fat and feeling good does not hurt like this guy’s situation.

Now how do you deal with the above noted obstacles?  These are some big things that you may feel stop you from getting to the success you really are looking for long term!

Motivation: Consider coaching as an option?  In my experience coaches are needed in our lives for areas other than sports.  Some of you may have grown up playing sports.  Others, maybe playing in a band or drama.  In any of those situations you had a coach. You had someone that mentored you and helped you stay focused on what mattered!  At TFW East Metro we believe in coaching!

No Energy: Are you exhausted?  Running kids to sports, working 12 hour days, working 2 jobs, single parent, over committed, and trying to live the american dream keeping up with the neighbors and friends in your life.  This will drain the tank and leave you with little energy for your own life and well being.  As Coaches we help you slowly fine the balance you need and re-arrange priorities.

Overwhelmed: So with all the duties you have at home, work and with your family, you just can not do one more thing?  The word “busy” comes up every time you try to make progress and it stops you!  At TFW East Metro we believe the word “busy” is dangerous.  It means you are not putting yourself high enough on the priority list.  We will show you how to start making adjustments to your life and get yourself moved up on the list!

Don’t Know What To Do\Where To Start:  So it has been over 10 years since you have worked out.  Or, maybe you have been trying to workout, but nothing seems to deliver the results you want.  We deliver the the best in coaching and exercise programs that are realistic, based on good science and designed to deliver results.

Tried Everything:  You have tried many other programs.  Some involved supplements, others exercise..   The last one involved a big fancy 24-7 fitness center.  None of it is working.  Why?   The coaching and a balance in how you are approaching your life will make a huge difference!  Make 2017 the year you break out!

Accountability:  So who is really keeping you accountable?   Your gym?  The gym that loves it when you do not show up!  Look, I know for a fact that most gyms make their money on those that do not show up.  Is that you?  We are here to serve and our mission is to keep you engaged and to get you results!

Given Up:  This is the most serious one.  You can NOT give up!  Life is worth it.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are here to have an impact someone’s life and to impact others in your life.  We are here to make sure that happens.  Let us coach you to better health and fitness!

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