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For some people, fitness is required for employment.  Being a fire fighter or a police officer in many cities requires a minimum standard for physical fitness.  Also, being part of our military requires being physically fit.  Periodic testing is required and as it stands, the military is getting more strict with the level of physical readiness that is required to hold a position in our armed services.   Our Dojo has people from all walks of life and across many age ranges as well.  Today’s blog tells a short story of one our successful challenge winners!

Nicqiue Neely with Coach Waldo after the big win!

Nicqiue Neely had joined TFW East Metro in the pursuit of better physical fitness.  One of her goals also included running a 5k and getting back on track with a running program.  Things were progressing, but when we had an in house TFW East Metro Challenge for all of our students, she turned on the the focus and ended up winning our challenge program.  Nicqiue won a complete month of free coaching classes!  Here is a what Nicqiue had to share about here results and experience and TFW East Metro!

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?
I was referred by another Soldier at the Cottage Grove Armory, Jenny George.  She is a Master Fitness Trainer for the Guard, so I figured, “If I follow her, I can’t go wrong!”  So far, she hasn’t let me down yet.
What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?
Since I started training at TFW, I’ve lost 23 pounds, almost 7% body fat, and went down 4 pant-sizes!  Even better than that is what I’ve GAINED: confidence in myself and my coaches; a willingness, desire, and motivation to excel; and, best of all, a physical place where I can go to challenge myself and be lifted up by those around me – WITHOUT judgement and WITH laughter!
What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?
 1) It’s ONE hour a day completely devoted to my physical health – I’M WORTH IT!
2) Nutrition is 80% of the transformation – if I don’t work on it away from the DOJO, it won’t work for me when I get to the DOJO.
3) Getting fit doesn’t have to be “exercise” or “going to the gym” – it can be about having fun, learning new techniques, and switching up routines so we don’t get bored. Variety is key, and if you’re not having fun…why do it?!
Did you catch that.. “FITNESS CAN BE FUN”!  We know there a plenty of options out there for you to pursue some of your fitness goals.  We offer more than a workouts!  Learn more about our program and our next 8 Week Transformation Class starting in January 2018 by contacting us at this link Click here-and request more details!

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