Keeping It Off (Part II)- Nutrition Habits

Author: Coach Brian Waldo MS CSCS PES FNS WLS PES TFW (Training for Warriors East Metro)

“Being a success often has nothing to do with talent.  Much of it has to do with your pain tolerance and how you respond to that pain”-Martin Rooney, Book of 5 Things

In some ways being successful with managing your nutrition can feel a bit painful at first.  We have formed strong habits that are somewhat mentally hard to break.  Also, the physiological (body/brain) issues with making these changes are also very real.  As they say, “the struggle is real”.

The mental approach in which you begin your journey to change is important!  First, remember that no one person is perfect.  Often times, we look at an advertisement on TV, computer, phone.. radio and think that if I just do this it will be easy!  Popular plans like to advertise the simple fix!  After all, that is what you want to hear right?  Just lay out a few hundred dollars each month.. drink these shakes  and don’t exercise.  Wow, no exercise?  Did they say, “NO exercise”?  Again, I will not argue that these plans can be effective in losing weight?  I have seen clients try these programs also over the years.  After almost 30 years of working with people in this area of weight management I can tell you that most people do not learn how to truly change their lifestyle.  I have witnessed one person after another go through efforts to lose weight in this way only to gain back the weight when the budget for the shakes, bars etc ends and they return to old ways.  Within months the weight is back on and the mental struggle to be successful just got harder.  Now, with that said, some will find the path to success with these methods.  I have seen that also, but it is less common for the average person to stick with it for life.

So, is there some good news here?  Oh yes, there is good news!  First, accept this is not going to be a smooth process.  You will have your ups and downs, likes and dis-likes as well as many successful attempts at steps toward your goal of not only weight loss, but feeling good also.

First, I will share what in my experience are some key choices you need to make nutritionally to get started.  These action steps are a combination of mental steps and real behavioral steps to your success.  You may find you are already doing some of them, others not so much.  I will address other aspects of successful lifestyle change that supports weight management in up-coming articles.  (I will say that if you have a clinical condition like diabetes or heart disease you may also benefit from a consultation with a Registered Dietitian.)

Keys to your nutritional journey:

1)Physically and mentally commit 3-5 Hours per week to food preparation and grocery shopping for your fresh food you will have ready to take with you to work or conveniently consume.  This is a must do.  Go through your schedule and in your head commit to these hours every week.  Do everything you can to keep other activities out of the scheduled time that you actually put in you calendar on your phone, smart tablet or good old fashioned paper calendar.

2) Your daily intake has to include a high volume of non starchy vegetables.. The term for this is cruciferous vegetables. There are approximately 30 of them! (If you suffer from hypothyroidism you should talk to your physician before consuming these veggies).  However, the benefits for almost everyone are profound.  They also are a type of food many of you may eat 1 x per day.  This is not enough!   You should be shooting for 6-9 servings per day at a minimum.

YOU can do this!  The key is to set a goal of adding an extra serving per day for a couple weeks and then try to add more.  Switching from fries and a burger to 9 servings of cruciferous veggies over night will likely not work for the long haul.  Small sustainable changes over time will provide for more success.  If you eat enough volume of these veggies you will not be hungry or lack energy!

3) Get adequate hydration.  We all need to take in enough water each day for good brain and body health!  This will help you make better choices throughout the day.  Often times when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated.  Starting with a glass of water before your meal is also a good idea.  Generally it is well accepted that you should determine the amount of water you need by taking your weight and dividing it in half.  This would be the number of oz. per day you require.  I would say at a minimum, if you know your lean body mass, that you could also take your lean mass (muscle, bone and lean organ tissue) weight of your body and multiply that by .70..   So if you had 100lbs of lean tissue based on body fat testing you would shoot for 70 ounces of water each day!  Spread them out through the day and be sure to hydrate prior to exercise.

4) Consume adequate protein.  This can be done through more plant based methods or through lean meats etc.  This is an area that many rely on supplements.  I will not say that supplements are bad.  I take them myself.  However, you should not rely on them for your sustenance.   It is best to spread out consumption of your protein through the day.  Every 3-4 hours you should be getting some protein in whatever form you choose.  A commonly accepted formula for minimal levels of protein are to take your weight and divide it by 2.2.  This finds your weight in kilo grams.  Then apply the rule of 1 gram of protein per (kg) of body weight as a minimal amount to consume each day.  I find most fall short of this goal.  This is a big one!

5) Finally, lose the junk food and heavy glycemic starch oriented foods.  Some starch oriented foods can be consumed after physical activity.  These might include things like a sweet potato, rice, wild rice, a potato, etc..   We have all read that we need to cut carbs!  Well I have news for you, veggies are carbohydrates also!  The key is to limit the right kind of carbohydrates at the correct time!  Otherwise known as nutrient timing.  Eat the starch oriented choices more after exercise!

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