Keeping It Off (Part II)- Nutrition Habits

Author: Coach Brian Waldo MS CSCS PES FNS WLS PES TFW (Training for Warriors East Metro)

“Being a success often has nothing to do with talent.  Much of it has to do with your pain tolerance and how you respond to that pain”-Martin Rooney, Book of 5 Things

In some ways being successful with managing your nutrition can feel a bit painful at first.  We have formed strong habits that are somewhat mentally hard to break.  Also, the physiological (body/brain) issues with making these changes are also very real.  As they say, “the struggle is real”.

The mental approach in which you begin your journey to change is important!  First, remember that no one person is perfect.  Often times, we look at an advertisement on TV, computer, phone.. radio and think that if I just do this it will be easy!  Popular plans like to advertise the simple fix!  After all, that is what you want to hear right?  Just lay out a few hundred dollars each month.. drink these shakes  and don’t exercise.  Wow, no exercise?  Did they say, “NO exercise”?  Again, I will not argue that these plans can be effective in losing weight?  I have seen clients try these programs also over the years.  After almost 30 years of working with people in this area of weight management I can tell you that most people do not learn how to truly change their lifestyle.  I have witnessed one person after another go through efforts to lose weight in this way only to gain back the weight when the budget for the shakes, bars etc ends and they return to old ways.  Within months the weight is back on and the mental struggle to be successful just got harder.  Now, with that said, some will find the path to success with these methods.  I have seen that also, but it is less common for the average person to stick with it for life.

So, is there some good news here?  Oh yes, there is good news!  First, accept this is not going to be a smooth process.  You will have your ups and downs, likes and dis-likes as well as many successful attempts at steps toward your goal of not only weight loss, but feeling good also.

First, I will share what in my experience are some key choices you need to make nutritionally to get started.  These action steps are a combination of mental steps and real behavioral steps to your success.  You may find you are already doing some of them, others not so much.  I will address other aspects of successful lifestyle change that supports weight management in up-coming articles.  (I will say that if you have a clinical condition like diabetes or heart disease you may also benefit from a consultation with a Registered Dietitian.)

Keys to your nutritional journey:

1)Physically and mentally commit 3-5 Hours per week to food preparation and grocery shopping for your fresh food you will have ready to take with you to work or conveniently consume.  This is a must do.  Go through your schedule and in your head commit to these hours every week.  Do everything you can to keep other activities out of the scheduled time that you actually put in you calendar on your phone, smart tablet or good old fashioned paper calendar.

2) Your daily intake has to include a high volume of non starchy vegetables.. The term for this is cruciferous vegetables. There are approximately 30 of them! (If you suffer from hypothyroidism you should talk to your physician before consuming these veggies).  However, the benefits for almost everyone are profound.  They also are a type of food many of you may eat 1 x per day.  This is not enough!   You should be shooting for 6-9 servings per day at a minimum.

YOU can do this!  The key is to set a goal of adding an extra serving per day for a couple weeks and then try to add more.  Switching from fries and a burger to 9 servings of cruciferous veggies over night will likely not work for the long haul.  Small sustainable changes over time will provide for more success.  If you eat enough volume of these veggies you will not be hungry or lack energy!

3) Get adequate hydration.  We all need to take in enough water each day for good brain and body health!  This will help you make better choices throughout the day.  Often times when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated.  Starting with a glass of water before your meal is also a good idea.  Generally it is well accepted that you should determine the amount of water you need by taking your weight and dividing it in half.  This would be the number of oz. per day you require.  I would say at a minimum, if you know your lean body mass, that you could also take your lean mass (muscle, bone and lean organ tissue) weight of your body and multiply that by .70..   So if you had 100lbs of lean tissue based on body fat testing you would shoot for 70 ounces of water each day!  Spread them out through the day and be sure to hydrate prior to exercise.

4) Consume adequate protein.  This can be done through more plant based methods or through lean meats etc.  This is an area that many rely on supplements.  I will not say that supplements are bad.  I take them myself.  However, you should not rely on them for your sustenance.   It is best to spread out consumption of your protein through the day.  Every 3-4 hours you should be getting some protein in whatever form you choose.  A commonly accepted formula for minimal levels of protein are to take your weight and divide it by 2.2.  This finds your weight in kilo grams.  Then apply the rule of 1 gram of protein per (kg) of body weight as a minimal amount to consume each day.  I find most fall short of this goal.  This is a big one!

5) Finally, lose the junk food and heavy glycemic starch oriented foods.  Some starch oriented foods can be consumed after physical activity.  These might include things like a sweet potato, rice, wild rice, a potato, etc..   We have all read that we need to cut carbs!  Well I have news for you, veggies are carbohydrates also!  The key is to limit the right kind of carbohydrates at the correct time!  Otherwise known as nutrient timing.  Eat the starch oriented choices more after exercise!

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Keeping It Off!

Author: Brian Waldo MS CSCS CPT FNS WLS

As a fitness professional of over 27 years I have seen almost everything when it comes to efforts to lose weight, get fit and feel good.  Every January new things come out of course that are geared to help those with big goals accomplish great things!

When my career first started I worked in a Chiropractic/Physical Therapy Clinic for a few years.  My role was to help direct patients home exercise plan by teaching them the best practices for low back pain.  My observation at that time was that many people with back pain also were dealing with one of two other issues.  The first being overweight.   Even with increasing efforts at educating the public, our hustle bustle lifestyle has not helped our waist line.  The trend in both adults and in our youth is that of increasing obesity according to the Centers for Disease Control  or (CDC) in Atlanta. .  This issue is going no where fast.

There is no shortage of intervention weight loss programs.  Many of them touting dramatic results in a relatively quick period of time.  In fact, I have past and current students/clients that have done these programs.  Initially, no question if you follow the plan it works.   However, many of these programs (not all) focus on mainly supplement use and dramatic calorie restriction.  The math works on that if you stick to the plan.  I do not know the exact data, but what I do know is that I have seen many people come to me after being on one of those programs.  Normally, they connect with me after losing weight and then gaining it back.   Why is it that we continue to gain weight when the knowledge of how to be healthier stares us in the face every day?  Our society we live in now is more stressful than ever.  We are constantly bombarded with media, marketing, work demands, kids schedules our family plans and keeping up with whatever is happening in our friends lives through social media.  Our brains never stop processing all that is going on around us each day.  This is where it starts but not where it has to end!

The second thing people seemed to struggle with is physical fitness.  At the time, we spent most of our energy and time getting people out of pain.  We would give patients\clients a few exercises in the wellness center we staffed for patients.  We had an almost free membership fee for people to be able to come and exercise in our facility.  What I observed however is that when the majority of people became pain free, they also became complacent with exercise and a better lifestyle!  I believe it is safe to say that statistically more people pay for fitness memberships at 24 hour facilities than ever in history.  That industry is making a crazy amount of money of people’s hopes that some day they will actually go to the gym.  That recurring debit keeps going out of the checking account or credit card each month and to  no avail, more than half of members do not use their memberships!

There is in many cases somewhere between 500.00 to 1200.00 spent on a fitness membership each year that they do not use.  This is a minimal investment if it is being used!   It is a significant divestment if not being used.  You might as well drive down the road eating a pastry and throw a couple dollars out the window every day.   In this instance, good intentions are costing many people big dollars and they are really getting nothing in return other than being able to say they have a membership at a health club.  “Yep, I belong to ABC Fitness.  I have been a member for 5 years and still can not get this weight off!”  Or, so the story goes.  Fun to talk about, but not productive.

So how does one stay engaged in a healthy lifestyle?  Where do you start?  How are you held accountable?  Do you care?  Are you on the brink of health concerns like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, poor A1C  or maybe even have Type 2 diabetes due to your current life habits?  Is now a time when more than ever you need to buckle down and make some kind of change that is sustaining?  A change that is sustaining requires major shifts in how you think about life, how you manage your priorities and how you choose to spend your time.  This is not easy with all the previously mentioned distractions and possible options that swallow up your day!

So where do you start?   In my almost 30 years of experience, I have observed some things that work.  If you follow them I can tell you that results that are sustainable are much more likely.  Results that are meaningful and continue to pay dividends to your family and relationships are possible.  It will take some resolve and determination on your part.  You may even need some help along  the way, but this is possible.  I have coached thousands of people now in my career and I know when these principles are followed, positive things happen.

So here we go, the list goes as follows:

  1. Begin with the end in mind.  Short term results do not mean long term success.  Whatever you do should be sustainable for the long haul.  Changes in nutrition, physical activity etc all need to be realistically maintainable.  Slow changes over time are better than fast ones that only last a few months.  In fact, it is well known that yo/yo dieting is actually worse or your health than being consistently over weight.
  2. Focusing on quality nutrition and food preparation is key.   Eating whole foods that have low caloric density, yet high nutrient density is 80% of the solution.  Learning how to cook well and prepare healthy vegetables and lean meats in a manner that is healthy is key to enjoying your new lifestyle.  Embrace the time and energy you need to make this happen and exchange it for some other time suck that is not productive toward your healthy lifestyle!
  3. Adding some physical activity is next.  This really should be secondary to eating better.  If you have not gotten your meal prep and a serious start on cooking better and investing time in that, the time you spend exercising may be fruitless.  You might get a little stronger, but you may not change your weight, in fact you may gain weight!  Keep your priorities straight and keep the first things first.  If you have that all set, then adding strength training, metabolic workouts, mediation, yoga, pilates or other popular programs can all be good options 4 or more days per week!
  4. Only use supplements to augment not direct your changes.  I am not opposed to use of them, I use them myself.  However, it is not how I get the lions share of my nutrients.  How boring is it to drink a shake for 2 meals andeat a bar for a snack constantly?  That gets old quick and is yet another reason many people do not stick with a good lifestyle habit.  It is because they have not really learned anything new, they have not changed anything.  Choosing to substitute a bar or shake to get through a rough spot in your day is one thing, but only getting your sustaining nutrition from those sources may just set you up for failure in the end.
  5. Finally, you may need to get some help at first.  Most people with busy lives read a quick article like this one, think about how nice it would be to change things, yet never do.  Why?  Either, changes might mean if effects relationships, friendships, status at work or how people view you.  There is almost a stigma in some circles of those that choose to care for themselves and their health.  A change in mindset is required to adjust your perspective of reality and what is really happening.  What is actually happening is that those not seemingly supporting you are actually scared you might actually accomplish what you set out to do!  That means it is possible and they might actually need to get going and do something about their own health.  You see misery loves company!
 Is it time for you to make a 180 degree change?  Start going the other way with your health and your fitness?  You may already have someone who can help you make these changes.  But, if not, I would love to help you make those changes!  My next coaching class starts January  21 st!  Would you like to learn more?  The course last 90 days and beyond if you want it to..  Initially, the focus will be on:
  1. Nutrition (what foods to eat, meal preparation etc)
  2. Priority management
  3. Mind set
  4. Augmented supplement program
  5. Physical Activity Recommendations and Programming

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3 Tips For Getting Consistent Results

The Training for Warriors system is know world wide for getting results and changing peoples lives.  You can see more on our global reach here at (Click here to see system results)

We see our new students come to the dojo on many different levels.  Some come to us not having exercised or focused on fitness for decades.  Others, have been trying to exercise and eat better yet have lacked the results they desire.  Jennifer Scrimshaw’s story is one of seeking something better.  Jennifer had been to other gyms and programs in the area, but after a recent move was not achieving what she really wanted in her fitness and physical health.  We asked Jennifer to share a few thoughts on how the TFW system helped her get the results she desired!  Read on below..


What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?

In 2013, my husband and I moved to Cottage Grove.  Prior to moving, we did personal training and boot camp classes at another gym in the metro for several years.  Between the stress of moving and starting a demanding new project at work, my commitment to exercise and to my health was waning.  I had gained some weight and I just wasn’t feeling as good as I used to.

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

I had tried working out at home and at a local 24 hour gym, but I was still finding it difficult to exercise consistently.  I wasn’t being held accountable, and it definitely was not fun working out alone.  I was wanting to do group workouts again, and I needed to find some place close and convenient.  I found TFW by doing a Google search (at the time it was called Optimal Health and Performance) and met with Brian shortly thereafter.  It’s now been 4 years that I have been going to the dojo, and I am definitely still enjoying the variety of workouts that TFW offers.

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?

Brian and his team have made exercise fun for me again, which is what gets me in the door 4 days a week.  The coaches have been great at modifying workouts for those new to TFW and those of us who have been around awhile.  Regardless of one’s tenure at TFW, I would say that the coaches are doing a nice job pushing everyone at a level that is appropriate for them.  In addition, the TFW programming also measures results with challenges throughout the year.  This has been a good way for me to measure my own progress in terms of strength, endurance, and speed.     Of course, it’s always nice to see progress with my weight and body fat, but I’ve realized that it can’t be the only barometer for my success.

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

Consistency – The TFW coaches stress the importance of consistency in terms of getting results.  It took me awhile to embrace this, but I have been seeing more results since committing to 4 days per week at TFW.  The coaches also regularly discuss nutrition, and that has pushed me to do more meal planning and prepping every week.  Since I work out in the evenings, I really don’t have much time to cook dinner.  By doing the prep on the weekends, I can come home after a workout on a weeknight and just quickly heat up something healthy in the microwave.

Accountability – The TFW familia definitely gives me a hard time if I miss too many workouts.  I appreciate that, because I know they are supporting me and my goals.  This is what I was missing when I was trying to work out alone.

In It Together – The familia at TFW is incredibly supportive.  Some workouts are just plain tough and those encouraging words and high fives are just what we all need to get through it.  It’s great to watch when someone is surprised at what they just accomplished with the support of the familia.

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Kevin is a “Warrior” for Life!

Kevin Tamte was not sure that the Training for Warrior Program was about at first, or if it was what he needed.   He decided to submit his information through a Facebook ad and find out what Training for Warriors East Metro was offering!  After Kevin submitted his information, we called him.  He came right in to discuss the program, his goals and his background.

You see Kevin had been working out on his own,and lost  lost a significant amount of weight.

Kevin had lost around (60lbs) and also had the help of a great personal trainer.  Kevin still felt that he could do more and needed something to help him get to the next level.

After his strategy session at the dojo Kevin decided to commit to the “8 Week Transformation Program”.  Kevin had some fantastic results and his hard work and commitment has paid off for him in a big way.  We thought you might be curious to learn from his journey.  Below are some questions we asked Kevin to share his thoughts on his journey and the results so far!

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?

One of the big struggles was knowing what to eat. I started with portion sizing and slowly cutting things out before I came to the dojo but that will only take you so far.

Another was cardio. I would do the elliptical and treadmill regularly which are great,  but like the eating,  it will only take you so far.

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

I saw a add on Facebook and I knew I needed to take the next step.

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?

-I eat a lot better and more veggies than I have ever eaten.

-I dropped 18lb and maintained muscle mass!

-I bumped my deadlift up to 425lb my last PR was 375lb.

-I’m working on getting better on my squats through improving mobility and doing them safely.

What are the top 4 tips that helped you transform?

1)I think the accountability part of it was a big one for me with eating and getting to the dojo to exercise.

2)Being in the group setting was good for me.  I do have a good “go get it” attitude , but it helps when someone else is on your side and pushing you. 

3)I also found encouraging other people in the dojo was motivating for myself!

4)The different kinds of cardio and changing it up so it doesn’t get old was very helpful.

Generally, I know I have gained a lot since I started this journey in 2016 but one big thing that I have heard before and I keep hearing it is that you can’t look at eating right and exercising as a diet.   You are going to have the bad days and even weeks or months. So I have learned you can’t get to down on yourself.   Just get back to what you know and start changing again.   Then learn from your decisions.  You have to think about it as a life style change and work towards that goal.  It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Kevin’s thoughts regarding making your journey a lifestyle and not looking to a short term fix is a big part of being a Warrior.  If you are looking to bring out the “Warrior Within” and make changes for good that will have long standing positive effects on your health,  you have an opportunity.  Our next 8 Week Transformation is going to start during the second half of January 2018.   We only accept 30 applicants and would love to interview you soon to see if this program is a good fit for you!

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Focus Gets Results!

For some people, fitness is required for employment.  Being a fire fighter or a police officer in many cities requires a minimum standard for physical fitness.  Also, being part of our military requires being physically fit.  Periodic testing is required and as it stands, the military is getting more strict with the level of physical readiness that is required to hold a position in our armed services.   Our Dojo has people from all walks of life and across many age ranges as well.  Today’s blog tells a short story of one our successful challenge winners!

Nicqiue Neely with Coach Waldo after the big win!

Nicqiue Neely had joined TFW East Metro in the pursuit of better physical fitness.  One of her goals also included running a 5k and getting back on track with a running program.  Things were progressing, but when we had an in house TFW East Metro Challenge for all of our students, she turned on the the focus and ended up winning our challenge program.  Nicqiue won a complete month of free coaching classes!  Here is a what Nicqiue had to share about here results and experience and TFW East Metro!

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?
I was referred by another Soldier at the Cottage Grove Armory, Jenny George.  She is a Master Fitness Trainer for the Guard, so I figured, “If I follow her, I can’t go wrong!”  So far, she hasn’t let me down yet.
What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?
Since I started training at TFW, I’ve lost 23 pounds, almost 7% body fat, and went down 4 pant-sizes!  Even better than that is what I’ve GAINED: confidence in myself and my coaches; a willingness, desire, and motivation to excel; and, best of all, a physical place where I can go to challenge myself and be lifted up by those around me – WITHOUT judgement and WITH laughter!
What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?
 1) It’s ONE hour a day completely devoted to my physical health – I’M WORTH IT!
2) Nutrition is 80% of the transformation – if I don’t work on it away from the DOJO, it won’t work for me when I get to the DOJO.
3) Getting fit doesn’t have to be “exercise” or “going to the gym” – it can be about having fun, learning new techniques, and switching up routines so we don’t get bored. Variety is key, and if you’re not having fun…why do it?!
Did you catch that.. “FITNESS CAN BE FUN”!  We know there a plenty of options out there for you to pursue some of your fitness goals.  We offer more than a workouts!  Learn more about our program and our next 8 Week Transformation Class starting in January 2018 by contacting us at this link Click here-and request more details!

E.A.T. Principle and Getting Fit!

Searching for Success

For many of us searching for the fastest way to achieve success is a constant process.  I was just on a trip to Yosemite National Park near Mariposa, Ca.   On top of being there with my wife of 26 years and some great friends I was able to take some time to appreciate nature, think about the future and feed my brain with a couple good books!  Both of the books I have been reading lately focus on reaching new heights of success.  Not just with fitness, but in any area of life!  One of the powerful aspects of the Training For Warriors philosophy is that is addresses more than exercising your body!  Improving who we are as people and the lives we lead is part of our mission within our dojo here at TFW East Metro as well as other dojo facilities around the country.

After essentially being involved in health and fitness for over 27 years I can tell you that common things set back many people.  I can also share that I have read many of the leadership, self-improvement, and change strategy books out there.  A common misconception is that working out harder will help you achieve success.  Working hard is a great thing to do and is relative to the individual.  What equates to working hard for someone just starting out with exercise versus someone who has been involved in fitness for years is completely different.   The longer I Coach students in improving lifestyle and health I have come to appreciate what it takes for both types of students to attain success.

New Ideas Regarding Life Changes

I have to say I have found a couple of books that I believe take a new look at a few things and apply some very practical success suggestions for both categories of fitness enthusiast or those looking to improve health!

What Is Your Vision?

The first mindset suggestion is that one needs to develop a solid vision for what you want your future to look like.  I am not just talking about fitness (physical strength, % body fat, weight, flexibility etc..).  This also includes a vision for your job, career, family life, friendships, life as a parent and so on!  This first suggestion comes from a book “High Performance Habits” written by Brendon Burhcard.  In this book Burchard suggests the following (establish a vision):

  1. Writing down three words that will describe yourself in 5 years or 10 years.  Set reminders in your cell phone or other technology that remind you of these words and your vision for the future.
  2. Write down three actions/behaviors that will enable you to attain your vision through developing new habits.
  3. I would suggest setting a time to assess your progress (maybe every 3 months or so).  Keeping a progress journal writing down your initial thoughts and action steps.. then progressing from there.  Every 3 months read your last entry, write down your thoughts on your progress.  Then set new action steps based on your results to that point in time.

These three words that you choose will help start the process to defining your “why”!  This is the key to your success.  With out a meaningful why backing up your changes, sustaining your new habits with be much more difficult.  Your “why” must be strengthened by your vision for your future and deepening the meaning for your choices you make.

Another book I am reading as of late is Bryan Dodge’s book”Good Life Rules” he mentions four things that trap YOUR why from working for you.  These four items listed are:

  1. Distraction-overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities
  2. Complacency-when laziness takes turns to a permanent habit
  3. Arrogance-thinking you know it all due to some achieved success in your life..
  4. Fear-scared to accept the results of your own plan versus someone else’s plan (e.g. my boss told me I needed to ..)

Dodge also shares a concept he calls E.A.T..  As he explains this acronym he summarizes it as follows:

E=Eagerly pursue new opportunity to learn new things and create change to get to a goal!  A deep understanding of your why is where you need to start!  Your WHY is the key to all changes that will be sustainable.  Any body can go exercise, but will you change what you need to change to create sustainable life change?  You will do it with eagerness if you understand your “why” and persist in pursuit of living out your “why”!

A=Argue to understand.  Be sure that what you’re doing has purpose and it is sustainable!  Learning to have a healthy discussion about why you are doing what you’re doing in pursuit of a goal is key.  Often, people around you will not be on the same page with changes you are making.  You need to establish clarity on why you are trying to change and create healthy discussion around those changes that are healthy for both parties.  Addressing problem areas in your life is critical and having purpose is key to long-term success.  The lack of addressing struggles with others in your life adequately and with clarity is why most fitness programs fail.    Anyone can give you a work out, but will the program make you better over time?  Do you get this from your fitness facility?  After 27 plus years of working in fitness I can tell you that most facilities and programs focus more on the facility and the workout as opposed to focusing on your life!

T=Thankfulness for the things that are working!  We all have things that require changes in our life, however we also have things that are working just fine!  Stepping back and taking inventory of what is working and then being thankful for those things is the last step in this process.  This can also mean being thankful for some of your struggles.  Getting to a higher level of health or fitness may never happen for some without some challenges.  Those challenges can take you through different doors of change that will land you successful changes that productively get you moving in the direction you want to go!   In other words, appreciate the struggle.. or “Embrace the process”!

If you are ready to evaluate your issues holding you back and get serious about some long-term changes we want to work with you!  We have a big opportunity coming up for you.  Our 8 Week Transformation will start in the 3rd week in January.  You can get details by click this link Click Here- Submit Email And Get Details

Tina Found Support & A Healthy Community

Tina Ethan set out on a goal of losing weight and self improvement.  What she did not know is that her life would change significantly.  So much so that in most programs she may have just give up.  Instead she found strength and determination to keep on going through the hard times.  She continues to seek improvements and living the “Warrior Lifestyle”.  Read on about her some of the key experiences during her journey at TFW East Metro.

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?

Before I walked into the dojo I hated who I had become. I was two months away from my 40th Birthday and I was at my heaviest weight 200#.  I could not go on a simple bike ride with my kids without just giving up. I did not eat enough each day.  Generally, I could not exercise without making up some excuse to quit.

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

My boys needed me to get healthier and I needed me to get healthier.  My future with my children was not what I had hoped it would be if I did not change.   I hated the way I looked and felt each day.  I was lost and needed to find myself again.

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?

The coaches at TFW East Metro showed me how and what to eat each day. As I went through the first couple months I lost almost 20# and  a lot of inches.   My body fat reduced significantly all within almost 3 months of hard work and determination.  Also, my husband left me during my first week at the dojo.  The coaches were there to help me fight back the tears and anger while keeping me focused on things to help me improve!

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

Coaches will always be supportive.   No matter what everyone is treated the same at the dojo and it is a familia (family) environment.  Everyone encourages each other.  Finally, don’t give up no matter what happens.  You may not always see the results in your view,  but everyone else does.

The TFW East Metro dojo is starting the next 8 Week Transformation Class in January of 2018.  Get the details now and decide if our program can help you make the changes you desire.  Click on this link and request your information by submitting your email.  Click Here- Submit Email and Get Details!

Lynn Finds A Path!

Lynn Otto came to Training for Warriors East Metro hopeful the program that exists here would provide some answers.  Yet, I remember discussing some reservations at first  At first the questions ruled.  Would this provide an answer to goals that had been sought for years?  It was an unknown.  Now Lynn know the answer and shares her story here:

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?  

As long as I can remember I has struggled with losing weight even while attending a local YWCA.

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

  1.  I saw a post on Facebook and I read the post.   After reading the post I felt that TFW was something that I wanted to try so I signed up for the 8 week program.  I am happy to say that this was the best decision I could have made for myself.   You become part of a large familia when you join.  My first Hurricane work out was tough for me to complete.  I was behind on my reps and another member ran 2 extra sets with me so I wasn’t doing them by myself.  I wish I knew her name because she saved me that day.  Belonging to TFW  is like nothing I have ever been involved in.

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?

In my first 8 weeks I lost over 6% of my body fat and I gained over 12% Lean Muscle Mass.  This was not something I had been accomplishing before with previous efforts!

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

  1. The Coaches helped to point out that eating cleanly (i.e. no processed foods/sugars, gluten, caffeine, dairy and reduce my alcohol intake) works!
  2.   A steady workout plan and a place where you can go when you have problems, concerns or are feeling like a failure.   The coaches are amazing and I can’t say enough about them and TFW.   So much so that my daughter and a friend want to try TFW.
  3. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new way to work out and to learn what to eat to help you attain your goals.   I have learned anything is possible if you have the correct guidance and you will receive it here at TFW.

Struggling with weight loss and improving your health is nothing new.  In fact you already know what you need to do.  The problem for most is that they need to do it!  The Coaches at TFW East Metro would love an opportunity to show you how to create a path and action toward your goals!

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Cassie Was Stuck!

Cassie Jacaobson has been a part of our dojo now for some time.  She continues to come and participate in our system and enjoys success with her fitness that she was not achieving before even though she had been making efforts she thought should have been delivering results at a another local fitness facility.   Have you been working out and not getting results?  Cassie learned that some changes our system provided got her results she was looking to achieve!  Read ore about her story here:

What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?

I was exercising and thinking I was eating healthy, but seeing NO results.  In fact I think  I was gaining weight.  I was doing the same thing day in and day out for exercise.

What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

I was tired of not seeing any progress and felt like I needed to change things up and jump start myself.  I saw an ad on FB and clicked for more info.  The next day Jonathan called me and said come in and talk with him.  I signed up on the spot (this was a Fri) and Sun was the start of another 8 week challenge.

What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?

I feel sooo much better.  My digestive track is functioning sooo much better.  I am stronger and have muscle definition.  I am back to fitting into my “skinny clothes” and I’m working towards getting even more fit and lean.

What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

1. The food coaching – I thought I was eating healthy but really I wasn’t.  2. The exercise program, is different every day.  The variation not only keeps in interesting, but also has done so much more for my body.  The interval training on T/Th is so important along with the weights  3.  The familia!  I love coming and when I have to miss a workout, I actually feel like I’m missing out on something.  I love the environment where everyone is welcome no matter what their current shape or abilities and that all of us are constantly cheering each other on.  You DO NOT get this anywhere else!

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Tim’s Amazing Changes In 6 Months!

Tim Vogel’s first visit to Training for Warriors East Metro was a little different than it is for some people.  He was coming along to listen in on the conversation with his wife and Head Coach Brian Waldo.   Little did he know it would lead to changes he never thought would happen.  Tim has become a successful student in our practices and he strives each day to make better choices!  We asked Tim to share his thoughts below.  Read his story and see if it might seem familiar?


What were some of your struggles before you came to TFW East Metro?

When I first started the program I suffered from a sugar addiction and significant inactivity.  Sense of helplessness and knowing I needed to change but didn’t want to… or felt I could not make a permanent change that needed to happen.  I knew that if I didn’t choose to alter my life there would be payday coming. My Doctor was telling me to lose weight, my knee was telling me to lose weight and my wife was trying to get through to me as well.  I was a miserable mess. I dreaded hot weather and clothes I used to wear hung in the closet.  In my own words “I am never letting myself go” just mocked me, because I had. I would hear on the radio people who would swear by special diet programs and think yeah right.

 What made you reach out to TFW East Metro?

I reached out to the TFW East Metro Dojo through my wife Jeanie. Her  bone scan density took a big drop and she had to begin weight-bearing exercise. I decided what I had going was not working and would come along to the strategy session and listen.  Jeanie was already acquainted with Coach Brian Waldo, and knew that he coached other friends on their fitness lifestyle goals.  Not knowing anything about working out we decided to set up a time to talk. Having lost weight before I knew that it’s a serious change I was considering. I knew I would have to change other things in my life other than adding exercise.  The budget was also a concern.  In order to fit the program into our budget I cut the satellite TV, no hockey playoffs this year!

 What are some of the significant results you’ve gotten since training at TFW East Metro?
 Significant results have occurred in the last 6 months keeping in mind I turn 60 this year!  The list of benefits I have seen to date are the following:
-52 pounds down from mid February to Mid July
-Down 2 pants sizes
-Blood pressure down
-Sugar addiction caffeine addiction gone
-I found a new family that cheers me on
-Coaches that tell me life changes are possible
-I don’t need specialized programs or diets
-I can do this, with the help of my God and my family
-Increased strength and flexibility
-Less dependent on a knee brace
-I can do chin ups (with bands helping)
-I just plain feel good, and feeling good about making the right choices.
 What are the top 3 tips that helped you transform?

Tips that I can and do share with others at to trust the Coach and your family , they got your back.  Make the  good choice every day, sure it’s a fight, but you are fighting for your own life, the more good choices you make the more you cement a lifestyle.  Work your butt off you WILL see results.  Never give up, have a bad day or week? (You will) Then get back on it!

Does Tim’s story resonate with you?  Do you know some changes need to happen, yet struggling with getting it done?  We have a significant opportunity coming up at our dojo!
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